Local Earth Magnetic Field Measurements

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We offer real time, on-site measurements of the earth’s magnetic field parameters. Previous experience has shown that the typical computer generated magnetic field models, which are predominantly utilized in the industry, can create unacceptable magnetic accuracy errors while drilling. Ultimately, these errors can incorrectly identify the actual bottomhole position and the real time placement of a wellbore, causing a multitude of problems in the event a relief well interception of the blowing well is required.

We provide accurate measurement of on-site magnetic field parameters for not only relief well drilling, but also for stringent anti-collision operations, critical geologic targeting and prevention of asset disputes among operators.

Our experience and ability to locate and intersect wellbores has proven the importance and critical nature of definitive and accurate wellbore positional information. When an In-Field Monitoring Program of the earth’s magnetic field is required, our service can provide the necessary data.


- Complete Earth Magnetic Field Data Measured Onsite
- Magnetic Dip, Including Total, Horizontal and Vertical Components
- Magnetic Declination Verification, Correction and Calculation Capabilities
- Wellsite Geographic Coordinates Verification for Blowout and Relief Well Sites
- Independent and Unbiased Measurement of Earth Magnetic Field Components


We utilize a Zeiss MAG-02B Non-Magnetic Theodolite with an integrally mounted Single Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer. The theodolite is set atop a Non-Magnetic Tripod and a Magnetometer Readout box is attached to the magnetometer.

This Theodolite and Magnetometer Assembly have the following specifications:


0.1 nT

Measuring Range

+/- 500 mT

Operating Temperature

-10 to +50 C

Theodolite Precision

3 Seconds of Arc


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