Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator
for Blowout Control Engineering

steelhead2.jpg (18414 bytes)OLGA WELL KILL  is a dynamic simulation model for multiphase flow in wells. The model is especially designed for calculation of pump rate and volume for a variety of blowout control situations.

OLGA WELL KILL  is developed from the state-of-the-art two-phase flow simulator OLGA. It can handle any well configuration - from single vertical wells to multilateral horizontal wells.

The pump path(s) can be via relief well(s), tubing, drillpipe or a combination of these, depending on the situation.

Kill options

OLGA WELL KILL was designed for planning and evaluation of kill intervention options. The model can be used to analyse blowout flow, kill point, pumping schedule, casing design, kill fluid properties and volumes, temperature, pressure and other related parameters. The results may be presented versus time for a complete dynamic and volumetric response.


The model is installed on a portable PC, and assistance is available on-site world wide for blowout kill planning and control situations through Well Flow Dynamics AS.  Experience has been gained world wide on several large and small blowouts, which has verified the accuracy and flexibility of the modelling process.

wfd_br.gif (63207 bytes)Well kill applications:

Dynamic kill simulations for relief well kill.
Top kill simulations for underground or diverted blowouts, via existing or snubbed pipe.
Bull head kill analysis
Momentum kill analysis
Shallow gas and water flow

Production applications:

Well production transients
Production and injection flow characterization
Multi-lateral Horizontal well flow
Underbalanced drilling
Water alternating gas injection
Transient well test analysis

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OLGA-WELL-KlLL features that are unique for well kill applications include:

State-of-the-art multiphase flow technology
Advanced controller system, to match actual pumping operations
High pressure pump models
Oil and gas properties fully modelled
Pressure and temperature effects on kill fluids
Non-Newtonian and critical flow conditionswfd_br3.gif (49523 bytes)
Any kill fluid: mud, water, brine etc.
Flow through bit-nozzles, obstructions and leaks
Friction loss through tool joints.
All reservoir inflow models can be used
Graphical interface

The results from OLGA WELL KILL will typically provide:
Fully dynamic simulations of the kill operation with:

Blowout rates
Pump rates
Cumulative volumes
Hydraulic horse power requirements

Parameters can be displayed versus time at any point in the well(s).
Calculation of necessary kill fluid rates, time and volumes to obtain dynamic and static kill.
Sensitivity analysis of different kill fluids; water, brine or mud with different densities and viscosities.

Click here for additional information on OLGA-Well-Kill applications.

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