What Specific Benefits Does the Planning Process Provide?

The Initial Planning Cycle combined with the Daily Planning Cycle provides these benefits because of cost-effective iteration and work methods.
Benefit Details
Increased quality of response with minimized risk Complete the project on a fast track basis without sacrificing quality or exposing the company to unreasonable risks
Avoid hasty actions that may cause the situation to deteriorate or limit recovery options if the action fails, (e.g. platform collapse, parted casing, broaching to the surface, escalation to multi-well event, unplanned ignition, reduced probability of relief well success)
Efficient communication with minimum disruption of the work day Minimize confusion and misunderstandings by a structured ICS functional organization with daily scheduled tactical and strategic planning meetings
Increase knowledge of responsible personnel in the status of the project, for example:
  • Personnel accountability
  • Strategic project scope and objectives
  • Daily project status: operations, logistics, planning and financial
  • HSE integration into the daily IAP
Efficient work Provide continuous uninterrupted flow of work (minimize delays)
Provide clear understanding of who is in charge and who does what, when and how much
Integrate all work to ensure that quality is maintained