Incident Response Features

Three escalating response levels based on:(1) immediate impact to the company (2) the risk and consequence for further potential escalation. Identified response level for major categories of potential well control incidents.
Defined and hierarchically classified operating conditions that control the types of incidents that could occur in a given operating area. For example: (1) location: stand alone well or on wellhead platform; (2) general operations: drilling related (drilling, completion and testing), workover related, production related or simultaneous operations related; (3) type of rig/structure/equipment combination; (4) type of well construction (standard, long reach, horizontal, slim hole, etc.), (5) reservoir and fluid/gas properties, deliverability, geology, and other factors. Response guidelines that lay out basic procedures and notifications at the well site and by office based management for initial response and for subsequent escalation’s for each incident level.
Modular response organization following the Incident Command System (ICS)
Initial Planning Cycle that lays out the meetings and the activities to plan for and carry out Level 3 well control response operations during the first few hours/days until a general plan is developed.
Identified potential incidents for the given operating area and defined conditions. For example: well kick, complete loss of circulation, leak in production casing, failure of SCSSV, leak in riser, underground blowout, surface blowout. Daily Planning Cycle that lays out the meetings and activities to manage the execution and modification of the General Plan.
Incident Action Plans (IAP) that describe the daily tactical response operations.
Identified response conditions that would influence the level of response for the operating area. For example, risk and consequence for: impact on HSE, impact on production, impact on assets, impact on local company image, impact on corporate image. A General (Strategic) Plan that describes the strategy of the overall operation, milestones and long range activities and the resources required in an organized fashion.