Bill McElduff                      

mcelduff picture.jpg (7577 bytes)Education and Professional Affiliations

B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1982, SPE

Work History

John Wright Company:   Blowout Advisor, 2002 - Present.   Joined the John Wright team on the dual intersection relief well intervention project in SE Asia.  Prepared contingency relief well plans for HPHT wells in the North Sea and SE Asia as well as other emergency preparedness plans.

Halliburton Energy Services: Drilling Engineer, 2000 - 2002.  Performed traditional drilling engineering functions within the Integrated Solutions framework.  Planned and drilled wells in Texas, Louisiana, Utah, Wyoming and Montana.  Assigned as the principal drilling engineer for the Anaconda hybrid HWO/composite coil drilling system.  Onsite relief well coordinator for the Oman Zauliyah blowout/fire.  Installed RMLS equipment in the first multi-lateral/medium radius well in east Texas.

Sperry-Sun Drilling Services:  Senior Directonal Driller, 1994 - 2000.  Drilled a wide range of directional wells including:  horizontal, dual and quad laterals, slant, S-type, vertical sidetracks and openhole horizontal sidetracks.  Drilled long, medium and short radius wells.  Proficient with MWD, LWD and single shot directional surveying techniques/equipment.  Drilled offshore and onshore in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Syria, Canada, Louisiana and Texas.  Drilled relief well in Syria on the El Isba 50,000 BOPD uncontrolled surface blowout/fire intersecting the target well at 9950’ TVD.  Drilled relief well in Bahrain intersecting the target well at 2250’ TVD venting at surface with 11,000 ppm H2S. Installed the first LTBS/RMLS systems in the Middle-East in Oman.  Lead RMLS engineer for Sperry’s cased hole multi-lateral systems installed in Qatar.


Yemen Hunt Oil Company: Drilling Engineer, 1986 - 1994.  In the Yemen Arab Republic, engineer for a three drilling rig, two workover rig and one waterwell rig desert drilling program.  Drilled 60 wells and conducted 100 workovers per year.  Depths ranged from 3000’ to 11,000’ with mud weights from 8 to 17 ppg.  Analyzed drilling performance and implemented changes to improve the drilling program.  Formulated well plans, evaluated bit performance, analyzed bids and prepared yearly drilling budgets.  Performed extensive wellsite supervision of two workover rigs for all types of completion, workover and testing activities with both oil and gas wells.  Testing included gas wells up to 60 MMCFD and oil wells up to 5000 BOPD utilizing state of the art BHP gages and surface equipment.  Designed and supervised acid stimulations, remedial cement squeeze work, slickline, coiled tubing and wireline operations.  Supervised several of the largest HF acid jobs performed in the Middle-East.  Supervised numerous squeeze jobs using conventional, latex and micro-matrix cement.


Pioneer Production Corporation:  Production Engineer, 1982 - 1986.  Production engineer for 200 gas and oil wells in the Texas Panhandle.