Management of Information

The management of information that is not used on a routine basis, such as well control, is a difficult task.  Large sums of money have been spent over the years on contingency plans which often end up on a shelf, partially read, and rarely fully utilized.  Our analysis of this situation is that paper documents are difficult to maintain, are rarily updated and are generally not organized to be "user friendly" with respect to quickly finding the information required without wading through pages of unrelated generalities. 

Our approach to solving this problem was to convert the paper contingency plans into an electronic process management software package with a data base that maintains various well control related process steps, input/output templets, and reference material.  This system can be placed on the companies intranet and maintained up to date internally or by ourselves on a maintenence basis. We are currently using OGCI Inc's, OLS software package for this approach.