Brief Details about Documented Outputs of the Planning Process

The output documents are in alphabetical order.

Output General Content
Initial Incident Briefing Report Information about the incident to quickly allow all areas to begin developing strategic and tactical plans
Archived Data Collection General data needed by all ICS functional areas and specific data needed for capping, relief well and kill
Detailed Incident Assessment Report Compiled onsite assessment of the incident by ICS leaders, including blowout specialists
Blowout Scenario Report Most likely blowout scenario(s), theory and procedures used to arrive at the conclusion
IAPs (Incident Action Plans) Tactical actions for all areas, usually for the next immediate work period (+/- 12 – 24 hrs)
Situation/Status Reports Record of the daily situation and status of resources
General Plan Long term, proactive plan for resolving the incident. (If both Relief Well and Surface Control are appropriate for the incident, there are separate General Plans for each.)
Demobilization Plan Information about actions for all areas to follow when resources are no longer required